A Pillar for Change: Meet Michelle

At the heart of Elastomers Australia (EA) sits our Client Support Officer (CSO) team. Tasked with providing timely, accurate data and information to clients regarding works on the mine sites, Michelle Gutteridge, Client Support Manager, leads a dedicated team of 7 to deliver and exceed client expectations.

Working her way up, Michelle’s career has stemmed from the telecommunications industry where her career began at the age of 19. Moving through Telstra, NBN, Downer, Foxtel, and Skybridge, we are lucky to have had her land at our door, a welcome catalyst for change at EA.

At the time of Michelle’s arrival, the CSO team were split across 5 branches. Although incredibly self-sufficient and capable of delivering on deadlines, as workload increased and the business grew, the department model began to place more pressure on the individuals rather than the team.

‘We were getting an influx of purchase orders, expedites, change orders and more,’ Michelle said. ‘The team was under a lot of strain because we lacked the ability to support each other across branches.’

It became a case of requiring guidance and direction. With the resources already available, Michelle was able to identify this gap in the department, taking the initiative to step into a managerial role.  

‘All we needed was to bring the CSO team together,’ Michelle said. ‘By introducing cross-training and collaboration, the department was better equipped to support each other in an ongoing capacity.’

The CSO team remain dedicated to understanding, aligning our clients’ reporting requirements, and streamlining our internal processes to meet the needs of our clients. The departments’ ability to successfully foster cohesion and rapport has enabled them to build upon their confidence and skills, in turn delivering continual success for our clients.

With a ‘Do as I Do, Not as I Say’ approach, Michelle has encouraged a collaborative and team-oriented culture, and the result is a prideful team. A team happy to put in the work. A team that will always drive results for clients, putting them at the center of Elastomers Australia’s mission.

Michelle has been working at EA for 4 years.

A Pillar for Change: Meet Michelle



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