As our Company continually evolves and matures, we are constantly striving to ensure we continue to make sustainable and ethical choices in how we do business.

Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion Award 2022

We are very proud to have received the 2022 Leader in Diversity and Inclusion award at the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony.

Elastomers Australia supports and nurtures a diverse and inclusive culture across our business. Over the past three years, we have implement a range of initiatives to promote the values of diversity and inclusivity, overseen by our ESG committee that is focused on educating our team and encouraging organisation-wide acceptance and continual improvement.

Our people have always been seen for who they are and how their beliefs and attitudes align to Elastomers Australia’s core values. When we talk about Diversity and Inclusion, we are referring to mutual respect and acceptance, and to ensuring everyone within the organisation and with whom we interact through the course of our work feels comfortable and accepted. Click here to read more about our Diversity and Inclusion journey. 

What is ESG?

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) are the foundations for effective sustainability strategy and reporting. Each pillar is integrated in how we do business through the resources we use, the people we hire and laws and frameworks we adhere to. Through ESG, we measure our ethical status and sustainability as a company, and how it impacts current and future performance.

Why is ESG important?

As a Company, we are evolving and maturing in line with ethical issues, both socially and environmentally. As a market leader within the industry, Elastomers Australia’s ESG commitment has become a big part of our culture and defines how we operate. Using ethical guidelines, we are able to enact upon our social responsibility and adapt to changing needs and expectations of our customers. This ultimately leads to better outcomes for our customers, our people, and our planet. 

Our Commitment

Our core values of the business ensure all practices we undertake remain aligned with ESG, which underpins our commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. Notably, through our framework, we undertake internal training on diversity and awareness and collaborate with a third-party company to reduce our environmental footprint. We are continually striving to ensure that Elastomers Australia is a great place to work, where our people exemplify our core values in everything they do and where their contributions are welcomed and recognised. 
“At Elastomers Australia, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. We are committed to continue building an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diversity of our employees. We take pride in fostering respect, inclusivity and flexibility within our business and the wider community.”

The 'E' refers to the environmental impact of a company. It defines how companies use energy, manage their carbon footprint, and efforts being contributed towards sustainability.

▪ Waste management
▪ Air quality
▪ Energy management
▪ Noise pollution


The 'S' refers to the social impact of a company. It outlines corporate culture, relationships with various stakeholders, and the extent to which a company values inclusivity and diversity. This aspect predominantly stems from the values upheld by a company that guide their decisions and behaviours.

▪ Community engagement
▪ Diversity and inclusion
▪ Proactive Indigenous engagement
▪ Labour practices
▪ Health and safety


The 'G' refers to governance of a company. While this aspect examines the internal system of controls, practices and procedures of a company to ensure effective and accountable decision making, it also addresses how companies maintain transparency to ensure they meet industry best practices, mitigate violations and liaise with regulators.

▪ Responsible Sourcing
    Elastomers Australia Modern Slavery   

▪ Legal compliance
▪ Ethics
▪ Anti-bribery
▪ Anti-corruption
▪ Transparency

“Helping the Mineral Processing Industry improve productivity, mitigate risk, manage waste and reduce carbon.”

Rubber recycling initiative

Elastomers Australia is working together with Novum Energy to develop a circular economy that recycles, and reuses rubber products found across processing plants in the mining industry.

The innovative rubber recycling program managed by Elastomers Australia and Novum Energy Australia will reduce the amount of rubber waste destined for landfill. By redirecting rubber and associated components back into the circular economy it will prompt the reuse and recycling of rubber waste in Australia’s move towards net zero emissions by 2050.

The program will allow Elastomers Australia to feed converted rubber material back into manufacturing and resupply.

Elastomers Australia and Novum Energy Australia aim to create a complete circular economy. Final testing is underway to determine if screen media products made from reclaimed materials can deliver the same optimised performance as Elastomers Australia’s current range.


If you’re keen to find out more about the innovative rubber recycling process, contact your local Elastomers Australia representative, your nearest branch or our commercial team on;




As our Company continually evolves and matures, we are constantly striving to 
ensure we continue to make sustainable and ethical choices in how we do business.