Proud Finalists at the Rio Tinto SRP Awards 2024

Elastomers Australia are proud finalists of the Rio Tinto Supplier Recognition Awards for 2024. A testament to the hard work, dedication, and strong relationship that Elastomers Australia have built with Rio Tinto over the years, we are honoured to be recognised for our development and implementation of innovative Fire Retardant screen media and long-lasting panels for critical components of Rio Tinto’s operations. Click play on image above to check out a bit more information around the innovation developed to help eliminate fire risk across Rio Tinto operations. 

As the saying goes, it’s not what you’ve got but how you use it. That’s why Elastomers Australia provides a range of specialist services delivered by our team of screen media experts.
We manufacture tailored screen media products ideally suited to specific mineral processing applications. They also help reduce wear and tear on machinery and equipment. Our broad range of specialist products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Utilising innovative techniques and processes from an innovative range of customised raw materials, our focus is to help produce the most cost-effective outcomes for our customers. Materials include, but are not limited to:
These materials are used to develop screen media products in different sizes, apertures, shapes, composites and thickness to suit the required application. Products include:
  • Standard Aperture, Endless Aperture and Open Cast modules
  • Wear and impact liners
  • Static screen media
  • Cross Tension screens
  • Trommel Screens
  • Sieve bend screen media
  • ElastoScreen® rangemedia

Our screen media can be tailored to suit a range of machinery and common fixing systems such as pin and bolt-on systems, as well as Elastomers Australia’s range of screen media systems including;

Importantly, our extensive range of purpose-built fixing systems and associated accessories are designed to protect equipment, reduce downtime and minimise overall costs associated with screen machine repairs. 

Warranty Elastomers Australia provides a warranty on our products for our customers. Our Warranty Policy provides the terms and conditions of the warranty and how a customer can make a potential claim, Click here to access our Warranty Policy.

Quotation Terms and Conditions: Click here to access a copy of Elastomers Australia’s quotation terms and conditions for Supply of Goods and Labour.

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