Armalast fire shield® is a screen media solution developed by Elastomers Australia that is changing the mining industry risk exposure to plant fires and could reduce insurance risk, thus creating a safer workplace whilst maintaining optimum screen performance.
This specialist product contains properties which has been designed to:
  • Act as a Fire-Retardant,
  • Assist in mitigating fire risk whilst maintaining overall Screening Performance,
  • Self-extinguish when exposed to fire,
  • Assist in containing fires in Ore Processing Plants and Screening Facilities
  • Maintain screen media performance
How it Works

Should a fire commence in proximity, the product has been designed to help retard the fire from spreading. If the ignition source is applied directly to the product at elevated temperatures, the rubber may initially burn at a slow rate. Once the ignition source is removed, the fire will self-extinguish.

The Product has been designed to react when heated to help prevent the fire from spreading. The product will absorb a great deal of heat, eventually causing a chemical reaction to help prevent the material from burning. Additionally, the chemical reaction forms a protective layer on the material’s surface to help prevent the fire from spreading.

The product has been designed specifically to help minimise the risk of fire spreading and act as a fire-retardant whilst providing optimal performance in above ground screening applications. The fire may spread or burn slowly as the fire-retardant properties are removed from the area of direct impact.


Pat Caputo 

General Manager – Business Solutions 

*Testing was undertaken for flammability of the panel material to identify the self-extinguishing characteristics when tested in accordance with AS 1334.10 Ignition and Flame Propagation Characteristics. This testing showed a mean self-extinguishing time of 3 seconds.

*All testing was carried out at a NATA certified Government Test Facility

*Elastomers Australia cannot provide assurance that the fire retardant, fire risk mitigating, self-extinguishment and fire containment assistance properties of the product will apply under all conditions. diverse local and environmental factors can influence the effectiveness of the fire retardant qualities of the product. The product is not suitable for use in underground mining operations or processes.