Celebrating cultures: Cailum Choi

For Marketing Assistant Cailum Choi, Harmony Week and Day is more than just an occasion to observe – it provides a sense of reassurance, acceptance, and pride for his culture and diverse representation as an individual with a South East Asian background.

“It’s an important week to celebrate, embrace, and be proud of not only my culture, but others as well,” Cailum said.

“I’ve always really valued difference and uniqueness between people, and I love when other people are able to comfortably express and be proud of their own cultures.”
To celebrate this year’s festivities, Cailum and his family enjoyed a dinner around the table filled with a range of delicious dishes derived from their Vietnamese and Chinese backgrounds.

“One of my all-time favourite foods is Vietnamese pho which I can never get enough of, as well as freshly-baked Hong Kong style egg tarts,” he said.

“Food is such an important part of culture, and it can be a gateway to get others to appreciate others’ differences.

As a young person, Cailum said being open to embrace different cultures is so valuable.

“Australia has many different cultures and diversities, so there are opportunities to flourish in our respective ways. Cultures need to celebrated across the country, in our communities, and in our workplaces,” he said.

Although relatively new to Elastomers Australia, Cailum said seeing the initiatives the company is taking towards inclusivity and representation has made him feel welcome and valued.

“It’s really endearing to see how much effort Elastomers has put into celebrating all of our cultures,” he said.

“I can already tell from my short time here that diversity and inclusion is an embedded part of their work culture – which makes me feel like everyday is Harmony Day!”


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