Culture remains top priority for Elastomers Commercial Relationship Manager Amber McEwin

Everything begins and ends with culture for Elastomers Australia Commercial Relationship Manager Amber McEwin.

Her professional career in business kicked off six years ago when she joined the Elastomers Australia team after noticing the company advocated and facilitated good culture.

“My growth has evolved with the company – I started off on a casual basis learning the ins and outs of the industry and since graduating from Monash University in 2016, I gradually worked my way up the ladder to my current full-time role,” Amber said.

Speaking on her major responsibilities, Amber said these included managing contracts and commercial relationships, among other various tasks.

“A key part of what I do is supporting the operations side of the business by maintaining obligations and KPIs of our clients contracts,” she said.

When asked why she enjoys being an Elastomers’ employee, Amber said her motivations were working with enthusiastic people and the versatility of her tasks.

“No two days are ever the same and I enjoy being able to apply my skillsets to different tasks,” she said.

According to Amber, the mining industry was something she had always been interested in.

“Mining is one of Australia’s biggest exports so I’ve always been aware of the mining industry’s importance and its impact nationally and internationally,” Amber said.

“I’m fascinated to see the adaption of an old industry to a continually progressing world.”

Additionally, Amber said Elastomers’ ESG focus for 2022 had brought lots of new ideas to the table that the whole team was willing to embrace.

Amber explains the ‘E’ refers to the environmental impact of a company, the ‘S’ refers to the social impact of a company and ‘G’ refers to the governance of a company.

“It’s exciting to be part of a company focussing on ESG; we are constantly striving to ensure we remain a viable, sustainable, and ethical choice for our customers to deliver solutions.”

In terms of her values, Amber said culture and people meant a lot to her and has shaped who she is outside of work too.

“Everybody at Elastomers Australia embodies good culture every day, and I believe this enables me to form great relationships with people inside and outside work,” she said.

As a football fanatic, Amber has played women’s football for nine years and has also re-discovered her passion for online gaming thanks to the joys of lockdown.


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