A concerted focus on changing business culture has landed Elastomers Australia first place in a national award.

A concerted focus on changing business culture has landed Elastomers Australia first place in a national award.

The Voice Project Change Challenge Award recognises identifiable, positive changes in employee engagement. Elastomers Australia was named the winner from five finalists based on the results of engagement surveys conducted in 2016 and 2019.

Elastomers Australia General Manager Operations Paul Lane said while the company had always enjoyed strong engagement with customers, the 2016 engagement survey identified improvement opportunities when it came to staff engagement.

“The survey identified some areas where internal improvements could be made that appeared to be a direct impact of our geographic diversity and the fact our workforce had grown significantly around the country,” Paul said.

“Following the initial survey, we worked on a range of initiatives focused on improving internal communication and access to resources for our staff around the country.

“The three-year process has proven to be a major success and the award is credit to our entire team across the country for being willing to work together to devise and implement solutions that have delivered results.”

The Voice Project is an organisation that specialises in employee engagement, customer service and 360 leadership surveys. The group’s Change Challenge Award identifies companies that have shown significant improvements identified in engagement survey results over time.

“We’ve always focused on continual improvement in the products and services we deliver to customers, and the same applies internally,” Paul said.

“One of the most beneficial outcomes we see from continually enhancing employee engagement is that it has a direct knock-on effect to everything we do, both internal and customer facing.

“We’ve seen a greatly improved culture across the group from making concerted efforts and that has enhanced our overall business success.”


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