In the spotlight: Emerald branch exemplifies team approach

When you’re located in a relatively isolated region like Emerald, at the southern end of Queensland’s Bowen Basin, teamwork becomes paramount.

And that’s what drives Elastomers Australia’s team at the Emerald branch as they focus on delivering value to customers every day.

Established 20 years ago, the Emerald branch was established to help Elastomers Australia more easily access and service its customer base in the southern Bowen Basin, extending the company’s footprint in the region alongside the Mackay branch.

Today, the Emerald branch has a team of 15 personnel servicing 14 mine sites, spanning the area from Moura to Dysart.

It has been a tale of sustained but strong growth for the branch, building from a single representative servicing the entire state to working with the majority of miners across the Bowen Basin and further afield today.

According to Emerald staff, the strong sense of team – both within the branch and across Elastomers Australia’s national network – plus the close working relationships with customers, are the secrets to Emerald’s success.

That sense of team extends beyond the company and its customers too. Supporting the local community is a major priority for the Emerald branch and any time a new role becomes available, the first priority is employing people from the surrounding region.

As can be expected in a small community and a close-knit workforce, over the years the team has grown together not only professionally but personally – whether it’s attending weddings or welcoming babies, or jumping on board to support a new site and lending an experienced hand whenever and wherever required.