From food to mining: Claudio Arinas adds flavour wherever he goes

Working around the world as a chef to then switching career paths to the mining industry was nothing short of exciting for Elastomers Australia Senior Service Supervisor Claudio Arinas.

Claudio began his career with Elastomers 15 years ago working his way through the ranks, and is now based at the Mackay branch in Queensland as a Senior Supervisor leading a team to ensure work is carried out safetly and efficiently across the business.

Prior to joining Elastomers, Claudio’s days as a chef saw him travel across the world to Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and then back to Australia in Hamilton Island.

“I recall the first time I was introduced to my first oven in my early days of being a chef and I remember being so excited to cook new things, which isn’t the case for everyone,” Claudio said.

“From that moment I knew this wasn’t just a job for me, it was something I loved and was passionate about.”

When asked what it was like to change careers, Claudio said transitioning to Elastomers Australia and changing careers completely was a big difference but also a great challenge he was excited to take.

Claudio explained he felt very supported from management and the wider team from day one which made him feel as though he made the right choice.

“Elastomers has provided me with every opportunity I am eager to try, from warehouse to manufacturing and service tech,” he said.

“Through these opportunities I’ve been able to spread my wings and learn many different skills and trades, and still be able to reinvigorate my old trade skills and cook for the team on a monthly basis.”

Claudio’s love for cooking is something the branch looks forward to every month.

“These lunches have become an essential occasion for the Mackay branch every month and everybody enjoys the upgrade from a typical BBQ to restaurant quality lunches,” he said.

Claudio is well respected at Elastomers Australia and is often looked upon to provide guidance and insights across the business.

“It’s a common occurrence to hear people in the branch saying ‘ask Claud’ – it’s rewarding and humbling to know I’m valued,” he said.

“I’ve taken on the teachings of my past and present mentors to pass this knowledge onto other team members wherever I can,” he said.

“Working at Elastomers Australia is like being a part of one big family where we all respect and support each other as well as work together to solve our customers problems.”


Claudio remains a loyal employee to Elastomers Australia’s thanks to the company’s ongoing support, and he is also excited to see where his career will take him next. 


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