Happy New Year and welcome to what we all hope will be a more ‘normal’ year in many sense than the one just gone.

There have been a few hiccups to get the year underway, with lockdowns in various mining states including the latest in WA, but we’re hoping they will be short-lived and effective.

Nevertheless, Elastomers Australia was able to get through the past year with minimal disruption to the flow of products and services to mine sites around the country.

There were some highlights worth noting:
  • Conducting business during a global pandemic reinforced the importance of locally sourced products and manufacturing within Australia. We were able to proceed with business as usual, and in some cases, were able to work with our customers to supply product ahead of normal lead times, ensuring they were fully equipped and able to continue operations without risk.
  • Stringent measures were implemented to protect our staff and clients, however the team at Elastomers Australia continued to grow. Thanks to the use of modern-day technology while in lockdown, we successfully recruited an additional 20+ staff members across the business between March and December 2020.

With interstate travel restrictions in place, there was significant emphasis and reliance placed on our regional branches to service and support the market in each of the major mining regions across the country.   Elastomers Australia was also able to engage various technological service and support programs via remote means where necessary.

No doubt we are not alone in our hopes that travel restrictions and uncertainties will ease and life might get back to some sense of normality as 2021 progresses. But whatever the case, we know we can adapt and continue to provide solutions irrespective of what might be thrown our way.

The WA team has quickly transitioned to working remotely once again and will be in touch with clients to provide support and discuss their requirements.

While we’d certainly like fewer of the unexpected disruptions this year, we do have some exciting and innovative milestones planned and therefore encourage you to keep an eye out for future news.

Subject to restrictions allowing the return of physical events and conferences, we have a range of attendances and exhibitions planned for 2021.  We will provide details closer to the relevant dates.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or wish to discuss ways that you can improve productivity, efficiency and safety in your mineral screening operations, do not hesitate to  CONTACT  your nearest branch or our Melbourne head office.

We look forward to a positive year ahead.


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