Meet Jedd Egan: Elastomers Technician, MMA fighter, and youth advocate

Elastomers Australia’s Service Technician Jedd Egan is one of the newest members of the Elastomers Australia team, having joined the Company in March this year.

He impressed the Elastomers team on his initial interview and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jedd’s role involves changing and maintaining screens at processing plants in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, with the fly-in-fly-out role providing him additional flexibility to pursue a health work/life balance.

When not servicing Elastomers clients during their maintenance and shutdown periods, Jedd’s passions away from work include mixed marital arts (MMA) and helping young people with disabilities.

Jedd actively supports disabled youth and has been involved in disability support work since completing school.

“I got involved in disability support work after being inspired by my sister, who is disabled due to an accident she had at a young age,” Jedd explains.

“I saw the great work her support workers were doing not only with her, but also her friends, which really motivated me to become active in that space and helping young people with disabilities is something I am extremely passionate about.”

Jedd’s flexible working arrangements with Elastomers allow him to continue providing support to disabled youths with autism and Down syndrome. He organises fun activities for them, such as going to the movies, bowling, playing sports, trips to the park and taking them out for dinner.

Another passion of Jedd’s is MMA, which sees him train in Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ), boxing and Muay Thai at Western Australia’s Mach1 Fight Club (M1FC) in Osborne Park.

Jedd is targeting an MMA fight later in the year, but more near-term, his focus is on BJJ, recently picking up gold at the 2023 Submission Grappling Tournament in Western Australia.

Competing in the 82kg blue belt division, Jedd drew one match and won another four by submission to take the gold.

The win took his BJJ medal tally to six gold, three silver and one bronze, and he is keen to add to those, with his eye already on the Battleground Breakthrough Trails in July.

“That is a tournament I’m really looking forward to,” Jedd explains.

“The trials give you the chance to compete at the Battleground Grappling Invitational in September, which will see some of the biggest national and international names in BJJ competing.

“The exciting thing about this tournament is that fighters are only separated by weight, not rank, so I could end up competing against a higher belt, whether that’s purple, brown or even black. It gives competitors an opportunity to really test themselves.”

Jedd not only brings the great discipline and dedication he has learnt from years of martial arts training to his role at Elastomers, it also provides the fitness needed to carry out his role.

“My job at Elastomers is fairly physical, so my MMA training actually keeps me in top condition to carry out my job,” Jedd explains.

“It keeps me fit and healthy and helps with my ability to perform physical tasks on site, such as getting around the screens.”

Jedd looks forward to further building his career at Elastomers, noting “the great team environment” and “excellent work culture” as being key to his positive experience with the Company so far.

Meet Jedd Egan: Elastomers Technician, MMA fighter, and youth advocate