Elastomers treats the health and wellbeing of its staff and partners as a priority, and there is no better occasion to highlight this than R U Ok? Day.

We know our troubles don’t clock off when we clock on at work. As part of R U OK? Day, the Elastomers Australia team came together loud and proud to encourage meaningful conversations with colleagues, family and friends to ask R U OK?

The past 18 months have been particularly difficult resulting in the need to stay connected more important than ever.

As a unified team across Australia we took the time to connect virtually and in person where possible, checking in with one another and empowering each other to reach out and support those who might be struggling.

Elastomers Australia pledges to create a workplace where people feel confident and supported in asking and answering one simple yet important question – R U OK?


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Looking back on the year

While one public health issue continued to saturate the world and life as we know it, Elastomers Australia has managed to ride the highs and lows throughout the year.