Stepping up to social responsibilities: Tina Grandikis

Some people are lucky enough to experience walking into a company’s building for a job interview and immediately knowing it’s their next workplace of choice.

For Elastomers Australia’s Organisations and Learning Development Advisor Tina Grandikis, this was just the case.

“I walked into the Elastomers’ Australia building for my interview, tripped over the doormat and began laughing!” Tina said.

“Sarah the HR manager told me as soon as she heard me laughing that she wanted to work with me – it was so encouraging to be seen positively in that situation and feel comfortably myself.”

From that initial meeting in 2018 to now, Tina said she had always enjoyed working at Elastomers Australia because of their commitment to seeing team members as more than just employees.

“Work-life balance and being flexible is always encouraged, the care factor is ever-present, your voice is heard and it’s significantly structurally different from anywhere else I’ve worked,” she said.

Prior to joining Elastomers Australia permanently, Tina had a year 10-year stint at Toll until 2017 and a short six-month contract with Elastomers in 2018, where she got an insightful taste of the company’s variety of skillsets and opportunities available to her.

“After having my daughter, it made sense to go back to Elastomers Australia part-time so I could grow professionally while also having time for my family,” she said.

“I’m very much a people person so I enjoy everything about my role. It’s all about understanding how people function and how I can help them get what they need to improve their skills.”

Expressing the need for organisations to have a heavy focus on training, Tina said it was great to see Elastomers Australia prioritising development.

“Training and learning at Elastomers Australia is quite personal and catered to each team members’ growth. If there is a team member looking to learn about particular areas or develop certain skills, there are always opportunities available for them – and I’m always more than willing to facilitate this,” she said.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is also top-of-mind at Elastomers Australia, which Tina continues to play an integral role in – she organised Diversity Training with an external training party and is also planning to facilitate more training and education around ESG such as Acknowledgement of Country.

“It’s important for Elastomers Australia to continue progressing with the world around us, and with the training we’ve already conducted, I’ve seen great progress in the form of positive mindset and awareness of our team members,” Tina said.

After enjoying a happy yet playful and productive culture at Elastomers Australia during the weekdays, Tina enjoys spending time with her husband and children, but likes to find time for herself to exercise, and catch up with friends for a relaxing drink.