Staff training is essential for Elastomers Australia screen media specialists to ensure they deliver value to customers. The company has recently installed new training screens across all branches, allowing all screen media specialists to learn the technical and theoretical components before they head to site.

It’s not what you’ve got but how you use it, as the saying goes.

To be fair, it’s a bit of both – particularly when it comes to screen media. Quality products resulting from years of data collection, analysis and innovation are certainly a key aspect for optimising screening processes and overall plant performance.

But it is the expertise of Elastomers Australia screen media specialist that lead to truly valuable outcomes for Elastomers Australia customers by mitigating risk and improving plant efficiencies

That is why Elastomers Australia has developed comprehensive training programs which all service technicians must complete before they travel to site to carry out screen media installations and maintenance activities.

All service technicians must demonstrate relevant competency requirements, involving a mix of practical and theoretical work.

To facilitate the best possible training environment, Elastomers Australia has implemented training screens at all service branches in WA, Queensland and New South Wales, allowing new staff to gain a simulated plant experience guided by our highly skilled screen media specialists and subject matter experts.

Elastomers Australia General Manager, Business Solutions Pat Caputo says the training program is designed not only to ensure customer success via our superior screen media solutions, but to educate budding screen media specialists to be fluent with the processes and affectively mitigate  risk before undertaking works on site.

“Managing risk, performing all tasks in a constantly safe manner are the most vital aspects of our screen media specialist role,” Pat said.

“That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training and mentoring program which require all screen media specialists to be validated at a consistent high level of competency.

“The addition of the new training screens provide a valuable, experiential element to the program so staff will be competent in Elastomers Australia’s systemised practices which help them understand specific risks and learn to deal with challenges that may arise in the course of their duties.

“When the subject matter experts and supervisors collectively are satisfied the candidate has achieved the level of competency in all elements, they will be approved and authorised to perform on site work.  “We know, and more importantly our customers know, that when a verified Elastomers Australia screen media specialist arrives on site, they will be fully versed in the work to be carried out.”

“It’s a very safe, efficient and effective way to ensure all stakeholders understand the processes involved and to assist our customers in achieving improved overall plant performance,” he said.


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