Company sets a high bar for work-life balance

Elastomers Australia factory supervisor Asmir Basic knows the company is setting a high standard among Australian workplaces when it comes to offering work-life balance.

With a baby due in November, Asmir is Elastomers Australia’s first dad who will take advantage of the company’s parental leave benefits.

“My partner runs a busy business and this will allow me to help her out and let us enjoy time together as a family,” Asmir said.

“My Dad told me to treat people how you want to be treated and that’s exactly what Elastomers Australia is doing. I have been with the company for 10 years and my fire and passion for the job, my team and the company still burns.

“The company has been very supportive and flexible.”

Elastomers Australia HR Manager Sarah Homsi says parental leave for employees means they get to spend valuable time with their families with the comfort of knowing they can return back to work where they will continue to be supported throughout this exciting time in their life.”

“We are a company that supports diversity and flexibility, and that includes life outside of work for our staff,” Sarah said.

Asmir is looking forward to spending time with his growing family, but says he’ll also be excited to come back to the job he loves. 


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