Looking back on the year

While one public health issue continued to saturate the world and life as we know it, Elastomers Australia has managed to ride the highs and lows throughout the year.

The company’s stringent processes and controls put in place across all our areas of operation have allowed continuity of business over the past 12 months with no disruptions to the services provided to clients.

Safety and wellbeing of workers affected by COVID-19 has always been a number one priority at Elastomers Australia. Adapting to the “new normal” enabled the company to finish the year strongly with the team feeling excited for a well-deserved break with loved ones over the festive period.  

Elastomers Australia General Manager Business Solutions Pat Caputo said safety remained at the forefront of everything Elastomers Australia did.

“Our number one aim is to ensure that all staff return home to their families in the same way they came to work in the morning,” Pat said.

As the company moves into 2022, a key focus will be on embracing and expanding ESG initiatives. It’s an “all hands-on deck” approach with a dedicated sub-committee formed to drive ESG improvements across all business processes, while also educating staff on how to diversify day-to-day language, interactions and actions.

“It is important to embrace diversity in our world to ensure we maintain inclusiveness and work with our customers to help reduce our carbon footprint and help them reduce theirs,” Pat explained.

Working with Novum Energy Australia is another notable achievement this year. The initiative is set to help mining companies offset carbon emissions through an innovative process to recycle used rubber products.

“We’re producing around 100,000 rubber screen panels each year, so that in itself creates a considerable amount of feedstock for Novum Energy,” Pat said.

“In addition, Elastomers Australia will act as the facilitator to help mining companies deal with other rubber waste including tyres, conveyer belts, wear liners, rubber tracks and third-party screen media waste.“  

Throughout the year, groups and individuals have also taken part in a vast array of fundraising activities and charitable events, while the company readily sponsors and supports numerous initiatives to help make the world a better place.

“Our team members are instrumental in driving our culture – and that includes giving back to the communities in which we live and work,” Pat said.

“Elastomers Australia is looking forward to the new year and to supporting a growing number of community programs and fundraisers in 2022.”

“We thank all our staff and their families, customers and suppliers for their support and hard work in 2021 and wish everyone a safe and happy festive season.”Work