Damian all fired up for career shift

Firefighting is something that Elastomers Australia Client Solutions Specialist Damian Pace is passionate about.

Although a full-time Elastomers Australia employee, Damian says the company has always provided the support to allow him to fulfil his duties as an auxiliary firefighter with Queensland Fire and Rescue.

Such was the case in January 2020 when the devastating bush fires ravaged the East Coast of Australia. Read more about Damian’s experiences HERE.

Having previously worked for a company that required him to work 10 days’ on and only four days off while he was raising a young family, Damian says he wanted to work for a company that supported far more work-life balance.

Elastomers Australia certainly answered that call and as Damian’s family grew, his attention shifted to more of a work-work balance.

“The company has always been understanding of me wanting to pursue my passion to help others and the community through firefighting,” Damian said.

“Any time I have had a call to attend an emergency, they have never held me back.”

He points out both roles stem back to wanting to help people, something Damian says gives him most fulfilment.

“There’s a sense of mateship in both roles,” he said.

“Elastomers Australia is centred around teamwork, problem solving and thinking on your feet – all with the common focus of getting a job done. This kind of culture and supporting behaviours in the workplace translate to when I’m out in the field as a firefighter.”

Having a foot in both camps has created somewhat of a dilemma for Damian, who says he enjoys both roles immensely. Now, having been offered an opportunity to take up a full-time firefighting role with Queensland Fire and Rescue, he admits it has been a tough decision.

Elastomers Australia has helped make that decision easier however, offering Damian the opportunity to work on a contract basis so he can fulfil his dream of becoming a career firefighter. He will commence the new role and changed working arrangement with Elastomers Australia in the new year.


Damian says Elastomers Australia’s ongoing support keeps him loyal to the company and the flexibility offered to him has helped to keep him excited and happy with his decision.


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