Home-grown screen media from locally owned Elastomers Australia

For more than 50 years, Elastomers Australia’s number one focus has been on our own backyard, providing the Australian mining industry with Australian manufactured products. It’s an integral component of what we do and it’s what we pride ourselves on.

So, what is the advantage of buying Australian made screen media from an Australian owned company? Some of the benefits include shorter lead times thanks to the close proximity of our people and resources across the country, and products that are tailor made to align with your specific needs, operations and objectives. Most importantly, as local screen media specialists, we have a strong focus on supporting local businesses and workforces by providing high quality products made to Australian standards.

As a business who is deeply intertwined within our local communities, we see investment in our products and services as an investment into our local economy. By buying from Elastomers Australia, our customers are supporting both our local suppliers and the people who live where we work. Recently, Elastomers Australia committed $20,000 towards those affected by a bus crash in the Hunter Valley region which tragically resulted in the deaths of ten local people and had a devastating impact on the wider community. This is one of many examples about how we devote our time, money, and resources to supporting the community around us through investment from customers who want to buy local home-grown, Australian owned screen media.

Elastomers Australia also prioritises training, employing, and retaining local staff. As the only independent specialist supplier of screen media in Australia, we want our workforce to feel empowered to take pride and ownership of their work. Our specialist service team is made up of full-time, local staff who are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in screen media maintenance. Their skill sets are honed during our local maintenance training program at the Elastomers Australia School of Excellence, which all personnel undertake when they start. They then hit the ground running, ensuring our products are fit for purpose before heading out to sites to install the screen media. The Elastomers Australia’s team are passionate about delivering high-quality tailored solutions to their local communities.

We are close to our customers, not just in business transparency but also in proximity. This allows Elastomers Australia to not only regularly transport our products directly to our local customers site, but it also means when help is needed, we can respond quickly and efficiently. With more than 300 staff based in branches right across Australia, Elastomers Australia are proud to provide local customers with local support for their local projects. We want to make sure our customers are wholly supported, which is why our cradle to grave service is second-to-none.

Working to Australian standards is a non-negotiable for our team when it comes to both our product quality and our business practices. Australia is widely known as having some of the highest safety and quality standards in the world and Elastomers Australia is proud to call ourselves Australian made and owned. We are continually improving on our standards, with help from the more than 250 mine sites we service across Australia. The knowledge and performance data we have and continue to obtain from local operations helps us adjust our screen media innovation and technology to suit our customer and the changing global environment. 

These are just some of the benefits to working with an Australian made, owned, and operated company like ours.

If you want to know more, come and say hello to your local team at Elastomers Australia.

Home-grown screen media from locally owned Elastomers Australia



Damian all fired up for career shift

Firefighting is something that Elastomers Australia Client Solutions Specialist Damian Pace is passionate about.

Although a full-time Elastomers Australia employee, Damian says the company has always provided the support to allow him to fulfil his duties as an auxiliary firefighter with Queensland Fire and Rescue.

For over five decades, Elastomers Australia has been at the forefront of the Australian mining industry, delivering top-notch, locally manufactured screen media. Our commitment to our home turf is ongoing, resulting in benefits like swift turnaround times due to our nationwide network, tailor-made solutions crafted to your needs, and consistent support for local businesses. With a locally-based, skilled workforce, cutting-edge training, and a cradle-to-grave service, Elastomers Australia leads the way in Australian screen media. Join us in shaping the future of mining while supporting local communities.