In the spotlight: Engineering and R&D team “the problem solvers”

The Engineering and Research & Development (R&D) departments are commonly known by the wider Elastomers Australia team as the “problem solvers”.

This title rings true, drawing on 100 combined years of screen media experience to deliver value to customers every day.

They are responsible for managing internal productions, as well as designing and manufacturing test, monitoring, tooling and plant operation equipment.

Through their collaborative approach, the Engineering and R&D departments work closely with the wider Elastomers’ team to achieve positive outcomes for clients, with communication at the heart of how they manage day-to-day projects.

Spreading their knowledge across the business and proactively interacting with every department ensures the best solution is delivered to align with each of our customers unique requirements.

With technology and innovation leading the way in the mining industry, the team is always on the lookout for new advanced materials that are more dynamic and last longer.

An increased shift towards digitalisation will enable the Engineering and R&D team to further optimise the screen media process in the future, as well as identify if a screen, or other product, has worn out, allowing proactive maintenance of equipment.

With a strong passion for what they do, the team gets a kick out of seeing a project evolve from conception through to completion, solving customer problems one project at a time.