Behind the scenes Q&A: Elastomers Australia Business Risk and Compliance Manager, Jason Andrews-Reid

As Elastomers Australia looks to focus on its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts during 2022 and beyond, Business Risk and Compliance Manager Jason-Andrews Reid who is part of our ESG committee which is currently setting up the ESG framework, shares his thoughts and professional journey.

“I’ve been in the mining industry for almost 20 years, and after a variety of roles, I searched for a position that would allow me to balance family, work and personal growth – Elastomers offered me this and I haven’t looked back since!” Jason said.

“My role within Elastomers Australia is constantly evolving. A major part of my responsibilities is being a part of the internal ESG team, which is massive as we begin to formalise our future culture.

“I’ve quickly realised that helping to drive ESG in mining has to be a collaborative effort from all parties – small simple things such as responsible sourcing of our IT equipment are ways we can work towards being more sustainable.”

As a Manager, Jason said he was passionate about building the right team culture, empowering team members to get involved and encouraging people to have the right mindset.

“I provide guidance on regulatory compliance at our facilities across four states and I also mentor personnel in all facets of risk management. It’s a major responsibility, but with the right values in place, all hard tasks are easy to tackle,” he said.

“I’m a big believer of ensuring each team member knows they’re an important cog in a very large operation – when employees understand the bigger picture and how they contribute to it then everyone feels valued.

“One of the biggest kicks I get is hearing positive feedback from our clients regarding the way Elastomers Australia teams conduct themselves onsite. That’s when I know I’ve made a difference to people’s thought processes and conduct.”

Starting off as an underground miner and working his way through the ranks to leadership roles, it’s no wonder Jason’s experiences have shaped impressive values that make him a brilliant leader.

“My work history is quite colourful. I was a Statutory Official in Queensland underground mines, a Mines Rescue Brigades man, a Senior Training Officer at the QLD Mines Rescue Service, a Compliance Superintendent and even a WHS and Training Manager for a not-for-profit government organisation studying the environmental impacts of farming practices on river systems and the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

On Elastomers Australia, Jason said it was a wholesome place to work where constantly evolving projects and focusses keeps him on his toes.

“The amount of care we have for each other at Elastomers Australia is evident with our very low staff turnover and quality of our product,” he said.

Mining is an old but constantly evolving industry; more and more accountability is being placed on mining companies from investors who want to see a sustainable future and the setting of higher moral and ethical standards.

This can’t be done by a company alone, it’s a team effort from the ore face down through the supply chains – but I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

To round out his days at Elastomers Australia, Jason enjoys tinkering in his woodworking shop at home showing his daughters how to use specific equipment. He’s currently finishing up a timber stand-up paddle board and will soon guide his daughters through building timber surfboards. 


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