Elastomers Australia continues to maintain and adapt control measures, in line with government regulations, to mitigate all potential risks associated with continuity of supply to our clients. We remain committed to ensuring we can deliver to your sites throughout this pandemic, with current lockdowns and their ongoing impacts expected to continue into 2022.

The status and ongoing actions include;
  • Closely monitoring the COVID-19 activity in NSW and VIC, and maintaining COVID-19 controls to continue operations in these states
  • Introduction of QR codes for vehicle contact tracing in all EA service vehicles Australia wide
  • Service personnel in NSW do not reside in LGAs of concern, therefore our authorised workers are not impacted by current restrictions and can continue attending clients’ sites in line with government and site regulations
  • Continuity of goods and services supply to clients remains a top priority across Australia and we do not foresee any risks of interruptions in the foreseeable future

Regional service and manufacturing branches across the country continue to provide onsite services, maintain supply levels and address customer needs in line with local, state and national requirements.

Our priority, as always, is to ensure our clients, our staff and the communities in which we operate remain safe and supported.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any queries.

Thank you from everyone at Elastomers Australia for your ongoing support.


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