There’s no denying that when Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions first came into place, there was a lot of uncertainty across many industry sectors about the impact on supply and business continuity.

However, through close consultation with customers, supply partners and staff, along with concerted government lobbying, the Elastomers Australia management team implemented strict controls to help minimise and enable the business to continue operating with minimal disruption.

Over the years, Elastomers Australia has strategically positioned the business with its supply partners to ensure flexibility and continuity. Our supply chain is largely Australian-based and many companies have partnered with Elastomers Australia for many years, meaning we were able to secure ongoing access to raw materials.

In addition, our local service and manufacturing facilities, strategically located in close proximity to each of the major mining regions across the country, were able to adjust rosters quickly and effectively to limit potential risks associated with COVID-19.  One of Elastomers Australia’s key attributes is the company’s ability to remain agile and be adaptable to change.

The mining industry was quick to advise governments of the need to maintain access to essential products and services – and Elastomers Australia falls into that category.  The vast majority of our customers were quick to make contact to discuss inventory management plans to ensure continuity of supply and service, and to help mitigate risks for their operations.  It created additional opportunities for the business to strengthen relationships with the market, and to highlight the company’s capabilities to design, manufacture and support products locally.

With distributed workforces across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, we were able to continue moving service staff to site relatively freely, while all team members readily  embraced all requirements related to COVID-19, including government, customer and internally mandated measures to reduce any risks of exposure and transferral of the virus.

Even as measures start to relax, we will maintain continuity and vigilance to ensure the ongoing safety of all staff, customers and suppliers that deal with Elastomers Australia.

WorkSafe Victoria recently conducted a COVID-19 audit of Elastomers Australia’s Victorian headquarters and reported that the company’s policies and procedures met all requirements.

The board and management extends a heartfelt thanks to all Elastomers Australia staff and supply partners for working tirelessly and diligently throughout the pandemic to ensure continuity of service to our customers.

We also extend our sincere thanks to all customers for your ongoing support and loyalty.

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