Stepping into 2024

Welcome to Elastomers Australia’s (EA) first issue of The Screen for 2024.

As we progress through the coming year, our primary focus remains on delivering value to the mining and mineral processing sectors. 2024 will see us continue our commitment to expand capacities and capabilities to support, develop and deliver customised screening solutions for the marketplace.

Our priorities are set on advancing overall plant performance, reducing total costs, and continuing to deliver premium level services to the mining industry. In conjunction, screen safety and optimisation will remain at the core of our delivery and service model to assist our customers to continuously improve plant efficiency.

EA remains vigilant and pro-active in our approach to safety. It is important to us we ensure the right procedures and protocols are put in place to mitigate risk. As part of this, additional resources and ongoing training have been committed to assist in providing a safer workplace for all our customers and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement is integral to our company DNA and we are working closely with our customers to deliver innovative screening solutions. ESG is also a prominent area of focus for Elastomers Australia, working in partnership with our customers and supply chain to deliver more sustainable outcomes.

Whilst the year ahead will no doubt bring about some new opportunities and challenges, we are well positioned and look forward to working closely with our customers and stakeholders to resolve and achieve the required outcomes.


Pat Caputo

General Manager – Business Solutions

Stepping into 2024



R U OK? Day

Elastomers treats the health and wellbeing of its staff and partners as a priority, and there is no better occasion to highlight this than R U Ok? Day.

For over five decades, Elastomers Australia has been at the forefront of the Australian mining industry, delivering top-notch, locally manufactured screen media. Our commitment to our home turf is ongoing, resulting in benefits like swift turnaround times due to our nationwide network, tailor-made solutions crafted to your needs, and consistent support for local businesses. With a locally-based, skilled workforce, cutting-edge training, and a cradle-to-grave service, Elastomers Australia leads the way in Australian screen media. Join us in shaping the future of mining while supporting local communities.