Lending Life With Lifeblood

Elastomers Australia (EA) continue their partnership with Lifeblood this year, engaging staff with information and tools to donate blood, plasma, or platelets.

For the month of February, EA are putting Lifeblood in the spotlight to support their commitment to ‘Give life. Give blood’. Education and resources have been provided staff across each branch so that they are equipped to take part in the initiative not only for this month in particular, but each month that follows.   

Replicating last year’s efforts, staff will be allowed to donate during working hours to help drive and show support for the cause.

“We understand that our team lead busy lives and sometimes all they need is the proper environment and processes set up to support them in contributing to a worthy cause where they otherwise don’t have the resources to”, says Human Resources Manager, Sarah Homsi.

Mobilisation Coordinator, Tammy Render, began campaigning for the cause over one year ago, driving efforts to give the gift of life right here at EA.

Being a donor for over 12 years herself, Tammy says the response from the EA team has been tremendously rewarding, with 111 lives saved to date.

For Tammy, being a blood donor is such a rewarding gesture.

“When you really think about it, spending half an hour to give a blood donation means somebody gets to spend more time alive”, says Tammy. “For a gesture that costs nothing… it’s priceless!”

Tammy will be kicking off another blood drive again this month, with EA in her corner to help drive the campaign nationally.

For more information on how to get involved visit https://www.lifeblood.com.au

Lending Life With Lifeblood



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